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I come across many projects, events and inventions as I research digital sovereignty in the EU. Some of them fall under different pillars but for the ones listed below I hope to tie them with a common thread – that is technological self determination attempted via public and industrial initiatives in response to a political, security or economic threat from the 1960s to today.


The amount of data generated and the overall reliance on internet services swelled because of the pandemic. Because technology – specifically blackbox systems – continues to affect political, industrial and personal areas of modern life, resulted in push backs by citizen and state actors in Europe that will play a key role in potentially rewriting the future of the internet.


Humans can detect when someone poured their soul into something. When a chef, a novelist, a composer or a designer is passionate about their craft, their energy is contagious and their outputs – a dish, a novel, a piece of music or technology – wins over masses of people.


I'm 3x head of marketing for Deep and FinTech companies and I'm also immensely interested in the politics of the European union around startup and innovation policies, and digital sovereignty geopolitics.

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Mahmoud Abdelhafez